Thursday, July 12, 2012

About Marziya Shakir Worlds Youngest Street Photographer

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Makhna is the head scarf that little Muslim girls wear to cover their heads as per Islamic they grow older it is the Hijab or the chadar.

Marziya is my 3 and a half year old grand daughter .I began shooting her from the second day of her birth 24 Oct 2007.
Marziya got her name from her parents , Marziya means Allah Be Praised ..and is also a name of the Holy Prophets daughter Princess Fatima or Jannabe Syeda.

Marziya is comfortable with the Makhna but as it is polyester base it gets hot and so she removes it after some time..

Marziya uniquely changes with what she wears , she can be a tomboy or a cute Muslim 23 months old she knows most of the by lanes of the Bandra West slums , she knows every path that leads to Rajiv Nagar, Indira Nagar Hanuman Nagar or Khoka Chawl..

She knows most of the denizens too..she knows the Fish Market , Shia Mosque , the Umbrella lady, but one person I want her to meet is Appu the limbless guy who begs at Mahim.

Marziya knows most of the tuition classes that are held at homes in Bandra .

Lucky the Labrador is her friend Lucky will not touch Marziya but acknowledge her presence from far, , she loves goats , cats and hens..

Riding horses at Almeida Park is her favorite past time.

She can use my Nikon D 80 with some help from me , and she knows how to measure you for trousers or shirts..

Being born in a Shia family she is totally tuned with her culture and does Matam on the Shia days of mourning..

The amazing quality she has a total camera eye that takes me by surprise..

She loves my jewelry , my head gears and has her own Press Card too..

Her favorite at home she cant do without ever is her Uncle Saif next Assad and my daughter Samiya.

She likes me as I take her around the world that is Bandra ..she is adept with my comp as is adept with her fathers lap top.. she knows most of the commands..

At this young age she has seen all that I have shot , hung on my waist..nothing scares her..I have yet not taken her to a pool or the zoo..

Marziya has her own gmail account,her own on Twitter .. The Shakirs of Bandra are not on Facebook ..

Marziya recites nohas , she prays with open hands for me at the House Imambada ..Allah Dada Ko De..God give my grandfather ..than she will say Paiche that means her lingo..

Yes with Marziya we all have been blessed ..

Next month she will turn 4

Marziya Shakir has a younger sister Nerjis Asif Shakir 3 month old ..

She too has a website is on Twitter and Google+ too