Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Magic Spell of Mumbai

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from every
part of india
they come
hate them
a kick
on their bums
the migrants
indomitable force
on roads
living on crumbs
some become beggars
some beat the drum
some become
thieves robbers
conman racketeers
some become
god men
nubile virgins
build ashrams
some end up
in a lunatic asylum
some feminine men
become hijras
to supplement
their income
some women
become whores
beautiful and buxom
in a harem
some starlets
some good looking guys
are called
bollywood strugglers
in filmdom
the lowest of the low
on a mound of despair
build shanties and slums
a vote bank
for a handful
of politicians
a valid ration card
voters card
now kindheartedly
some have their
shanties burnt
by crooked builders
you know the outcome
the magic spell
of mumbai
scams corruption
on the soul
of a fucked system
to become a raja
just apply
for 2 g spectrum

thodisi bewafai
bahut sara gham
tara ram pum
tara rum pum