Friday, January 28, 2011

Jai Maharashtra Where Law And Order Takes A Dip

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peace hope
we all worship
hindus muslims
all communities
a sacred mantra
called friendship
but today a man
is publicly burnt
for doing his duty
a silence searching
for truthful lips
a nexus of oil mafia
leaders sailing
in the same ship
a thought our
conscience whips
scams corruption
farmer suicides
weeping onions
the common mans
guts get ripped
a woman raped
a woman stripped
the girl child
is no more safe
once more she trips
more hardships
as a poet
as a photographer
as a maharashtrian
as a mumbaikar
lastly as an indian
i hurt as my soul
outstrips tears on
the soul of my
cultural inheritance
hope hindutva
my kinship
the land
where i live
in total eclipse
death of democracy
i hate this script