Sunday, January 2, 2011

Islam Zinda Hota Hai Har Karbala Ke Bad

Whatever the general Muslim thinks , or whatever the doctrine of his beliefs , one fact remains by standing up against Yazid , Hussain changed the course of Islamic history.

I am not am Islamic scholar or a historian, nor do I proselytize my faith as a Blogger, as a matter of fact the pictures and my documentary of Shiasm is purely a story board I began in 2005 at Buzznet for my foreigner friends , as they knew nothing about this integral and important sect.

My Buzznet site was hacked I went through great pain , and I came out, with a greater vigor and continue showcasing Shiasm as a message of Tolerance and Mutual co existence..
Many years back I was doing zanjir matam and a Hindu friend could not bear my pain , he removed his shirt grabbed my zanjir and without a single word began scourging his back, he is a follower of Lalbagh Chya Raja a devout Siddi Vinayak believer.

I was not shocked but I took a solemn pledge for that one act for my Imam I promised him I would shoot his Faith for his parents and the Hindu community as long as I lived call it Hope and Hindutva a Message of Universal Peace and Humanity , I am crying as I write this, this is Hope and this is Humanity , I could live without Hope but not without Humanity, every year I follow his deity barefeet from Lalbagh till the Visarjan, yes I am proud to be a Hindu Shia.. in the city of my Karma and my Dharma Mumbai.

I have no animosity with any person of any faith, and my best friend is an American Jew , Dr Glenn Losack MD from Manhattan New York, seeing my Moharam pictures on the net , he came down to Mumbai befriended me and shot the Kurla juloos of Papu Bhai , he shot the Mumbai Chehlum barefeet , dressed in black, clothes I made for hm , and I still remember the moment when he grabbed my dagger to cut his head , I told him his time had not come and we became family.

He is my grand daughter 3 year old Mariyas god father and Guru.

So what you are even as a Shia depends on your surroundings and your parentage too, I cant be like you and you cant be like me.. I cant lead your life or you lead mine but yes Hussain is Hope that binds us all fro one generation to the next.

Bakhuda Islam Zinda Hota hai Har Karbala Ke Bad.