Monday, May 10, 2010

Burlingtons of Bombay Taj Mahal Hotel

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some of the
best years
of my life
were spent
in this hotel
i worked
as a sales person
at Burlingtons
of Bombay
for a short spell
a colonial world
of white men
to dwell
under two
fateh singh
ratan singh
i learnt to sell
benjamin caleb
my manager
so many stories
to tell
lorraine rhubottom
anglo indian
ship time
munni gupta
highstrung as hell
jeannie nowrojee
fashion shows
on the ship
a thought
rings a bell
callaghan of bombay
walking the ramp
with a rose
in his lapel
jenifer kendall
gaby kapoor
styling clothes
giving us
in a nutshell
so many
the mind
cannot quell
of a novel
thoughts that
in life
this stint
i would have
not excelled

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