Saturday, October 30, 2010

Poet of Pain Shot By Marziya Shakir On Nikon D 80

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on the viewfinder
of her childs soul
she saw what
she had to shoot
blood flesh tears
of her genetic roots
to the person
who taught her
to hold the body
of the camera
in the crucible
of her hands
she pays a poetic
praiseworthy tribute
are born
not factory made
run of the mill
for camera clubs
'she tells the truth
2 year 11 months old
solemnly cute
the worlds youngest
street photographer
beyond fucked f stops
beyond photography
teaching money
making institutes
in the name of
collecting loot
light and shade
shadows silhouette
highlights soundless
ruminatively mute
a path she takes
'she reroutes
the color chart '
the angle of confusion
she refutes
she is marziya shakir
born in humility
your blessings
her gratitude
one thing
i definitely
taught her
was not
to make her
a celebrity
or media
with fucked attitude
to be humble
to what she shot
never never be rude
crass or crude
the streets where
god lives among
the poor for the poor
like the poor
with his zealous
zephyr like zenitude