Thursday, October 28, 2010

Topic] People you may know - Feedback (Kudos | Gripes)

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New Flickr Feature comment posted by me on the Forum

Excellent sometimes copying Facebook is no harm, but my grouse is you should get rid of the ugly welcome message and instead have a wall on which we can write our views and words of wisdom..

Salut firoze shakir photographerno1! this message kills me for its sheer unintelligence

Take Care

Please make Flickr Blogger Friendly
And introduce the two buttons Add Or Ignore for Contacts and a button to delete them completely as spam they dont add you ever again..

Also introduce Comment Moderation
And for Gods sake kick butt of One Sided Contacts

I dont access or use Facebook anymore has nothing to do with this comment..but than creating a God called Marc Zuckerburg is the only creativity God showed after he created Jesus Christ,,

Firoze Shakir Mumbai India