Friday, June 25, 2010

Shooting The Namaz From a Burning Rooftop Barefeet

This was the Friday Namaz at Urus Ajmer 2010, and the floor of the roof top from where I shot this was burning like hell..

My intention was to shoot it frm the rooms of Gopal Hajiand Babita hijra , their balcony faces the road that lead to the Bulund Darwaza, but to my bad luck it was occupied by the namazis, even a few hijras were participating in this namaz , of the first friday at the Urus.

Than one of the hijras suggested I ggo to the terrace where I shot this series..Even Hindus with Rajasthani turbans were head bowed in Namaz..such was the glory of a spirituality that touched everyone..

Yes truly Allah Be Praised.
May His Will Be Done..