Friday, June 25, 2010

The Most Beautiful Hijra From Aligarh

I have shot a lot of hijras , good bad ugly, but Raveena Hijra could take anyone's breath away , and mind you she is in a house dress not really made up for the occasion.

This is raw hijda beauty with a lot of talent , I told her if she was to star in a Bollywood movie they would not need to bring a kite from abroad called Babara Mori.

Raveena hijra is a consummate actress , she is a chameleon that changes her emotions within seconds.

I shot her is a understatement she shot me too, she is proud vain arrogant and she was born to play with mans languishing libido.

She belongs to the hijra gharana of Gopal Haji and Babita Hijra of Najafgarh Delhi.

And this was shot at Burraq Manzil where Gopal bhai stays at every Urus at Moti Katla.

And with this picture I begin my new set Hijras of Ajmer 2010.. as my tribute to her beauty and deadly charm.

She gave me some lasciviously sexual poses but I refused to shoot her..I shoot simplicity and the human essence of the hijra angst.

My hijra pictures are not for titillation I dont shoot porn I had request from Hijras to shoot them raw I refused..its not my genre of photography.

I shoot poems I convert them into pictorial thoughts.

So I present you a magical moment called Raveena ..the hijra substitute for a woman of substance.