Friday, December 4, 2009

The Rafaees and the Blogger Bawa

Most of the people who visit the Holy Shrine of Makhdoom Shah Baba , know me very well, a lot of them call me Mastan, I normally sit at the Holy Fire or Dhuni behind the Holy Shrine.A lot of them in humility ask me to pray for them, many give me alms , those who dont know me, I dont refuse I think I am the biggest beggar and my camera is a beggars bowl that pleads for pictures..

The money given to me as alms I give to the head of the Chancawalli order or to someone more needy than them.
I am very sad and in a state of total confusion , I no more feel like going to the Dhuni, as the i Bawas I knew have left the Chancawalli band of body piercing mendicants I shot for over 6 years.

I met a kid a teenager of Mahim who told me read my blogs.. he was the one who called me the Blogger Bawa..

Mahim Urus is a great high for the restless ever evolving soul.

I was asked to join the Rafaees as a honorary member and learn the art of body piercing I politely refused I am happy with what I do during Ashura and Chehlum..I shoot pictures promote peace goodwill , but my ideology of Faith lies elsewhere..

At the Kumbh I will shed all clothes at Hadwar just a loin cloth and become on with the Naga Sadhus on the day of the Shahi Snan..along with my Naga Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj of the Junagadh Akhada.

Yes being a commodity made in India has its own brand equity and uniqueness a stuff that spiritually cannot be diluted or be adulterated.

I wear a lot of jewelry but the one I cherish is what hangs around my soul - my faith in Ahle Bayt.

My Naga Guru calls me a Shia Sadhu too..