Thursday, December 24, 2009

Marziya's Play School Xmas Party

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Marziya is the youngest kid in her playschool, the other one is her childhood friend Mehrin Mukadam, Mehrin is a few months older than Marziya and have grown in the same surroundings..Mehrins father Tehsin and Marziyas father Asif are also very old friends going back to school and college times.

The Xmas Party was held before Marziya left for Lucknow before the Xmas holidays and as the lady who runs it is a Shia the party had to be done before Moharam.

She had asked me to shoot a few pictures , but when I dropped Marziya at the party took a few pictures , she informed me Santa Claus was coming between 12 and 1 pm I could not wait that long I had a meeting at Lokhandwala and so I rushed towards my workspace.

I returned from Lokhandwala pretty late and these pictures I am posting today at Flickr.. watching Marziya only on a computer screen hits me real hard..but as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder..

I am also wondering that her father in Karbala for Ashura must be missing Marziya more than me as Marziya woke up at Namaz time along with her dad and it would be several hours before she went back to sleep..she would wake us all up in the bargain too..

Marziya does not mix with the other kids , she is friendly with them but her world is different from theirs , her world is the beggars on the streets , the friendly cops at the Bandra Police Station the Umbrella lady of Bandra Reclamation , the Leper lady of Boran Road , Lucky the Labrador..the goats of Bazar Rad .Appu the limbless at Mahim Church..Hafiza Bi and blind Ismail Chacha and last but not the least the Bandra Bazar Fish Market and Mangla the Koli woman..

Nikon D 80 and Me..well she is embedded in both our souls too via Facebook Flickr and Twitter and her own website on Word Press.

I almost forgot she is a two year old cyber child , you have watched her grow and she is also a part of you as she is ours..yes you are family too..and I am crying all alone in the silence of my house..