Monday, December 7, 2009

God Loves Photo Bloggers More Than Photographers

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Imagine a world without camera or photographers would have been totally bleak depriving God of his achievements so God created the camera and through the rib of the camera the enigmatic creature called the show Gods world his bounty , his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.. insects nature landscape and everything that could be photographed good bad and ugly...

The camera is the greatest instrument of peace , I knew a nice young lady who loved a photographers pictures that she eventually married him,and became a photographer too, Mr Dharker would have given his life to have her nude on Debonair is not the crux of my story..

A picture is a miraculous product of the mind..and photography heals the human as promoted by camera clubs is passe... time to move on, and it changed my life when I clicked the mouse and reached all over cyberspace ..

But as the photographer was getting a tad bit lazy and repetitive, I mean the media photographer , the usual pictures , the broken glasses , the tattered school book at bomb blast sites , the Idd hugging pictures, the Parsi New Year Watsa Agiary Fountain pictures , year after year , that really got on Gods goat..God was really pissed..

Out of a chaos the confusion as splattered on newsprint he created the photo blogger ,the photo bloggers obituary thanks to Times Of India Sunday review continued for sometime, the blogger may die choking on his blog but his blog will live long after .

Thanks to the Holy Ghost of cyberspace called Google Search.

And a Blogger is Gods chosen disciple , God gifts him pictures ,,if you cant go to Shirdi due to some constrain or other , God brings Shirdi and the Holy Saint Sai Baba into the human heart..actually I saw this at Dadar Tulsi Pipe road on my way to town, I thought I would shoot it on my return, but due to some confusion he bought me on another route, as I wanted to reach Mahim Dargah I did not crib , and than without asking me directions he swung back to Tulsi Pipe Road and I saw this vision again I got of the cab and shot a few frames .. I reached the Dargah too through the inside lanes of Mahim..
So in short picture that are destined to be shot will be shot come what may..

So a picture becomes a photo blog..and photography the cradle from which a photoblogger was born and raised..

Today was my 6 th day at the Mahim Dargah Urus, I shot Sakibs Sandal..and Firoze Rafaees body piercing acts..he pierced a short pointed rod into a Rafaees cheek and the point that came out he hammered into the face of a stool..the man lifted up the stool bleeding, than the rod was removed , he drank water which began to flow from the hole in the cheek.. I have to upload a 16 GB card..

And I do not want to talk much as a photo blogger provided you read me as street poet and a pedestrian photographer only..