Friday, January 25, 2008

Kama Matam -Mumbai Shia Kids

Kama Matam -Mumbai Shia Kids
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The Shia kids of Mumbai are a unique lot, this is one time their parents dont take into account their coming late, or their blood letting either, not that the mothers are not worried but they know that Maaulah protects their kids from extreme harm.
This is Ghame Hussain.
The Shia parents themselves are attending various Majlis and the Shia kids never starve during Moharam, there is always the Niyaze Hussain served at the end of the Majlis or Matam, and honestly during Moharam all the basic urges are at low key whether thirst or hunger..this is my own personal experience.
At Bhendi Bazar at Dongri at Moghul Masjid at Babula Tank you feel the effervescence of Moharam, the sabils draped in black, CDs playing Nadim Sarwars latest Nohas , fill the air..and Moharam time is bonding with old time friends and aquaintances, that you lost track of..
Moharam thus is a unique month in the Shia Muslim calendar , a month of piety , introspection and a month of forgiveness.This month gives way to Safar..till the mourning period ends after 2 months 8 days.The Shia celebrate Athvi the last segment of mourning and the following morning begins the Shia important Idd called Idd e Zehra or Navi..
The Shias wear red clothes , and flaunt their spiritual freedom, curses on the enemies of Shiasm and lanat on the killers of Imam Hussain..
In Lucknow it is a festive moment , sweets called Gul Gule are served to all and sundry..An effigy of Caliph Umar is burnt in all the Shia houses in Lucknow including the main one at Makbara and at Kazmain..
There are Shairies, mehfils poetry sessions and this is one of the happiest time in a Shia familys life..