Monday, October 15, 2007

The Tragic Tale of a Beggar Muslim Woman

The Tragic Tale of a Beggar Muslim Woman
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the feast of idd is for those
who are very well off those who are very rich
those who hoard black money
pretend they are poor and constantly bitch
those who new clothes stitch
those whose life s no upheavel
give fat donations to the mullahs
their bandwagons for a room in paradise hitch
those very poor like this lady day in day out
in the gloom within her hijab an unending itch
on the doorstep of allahs mosque
beg for alms depraved disowned
their cries their pain in a voiceless pitch
living corpses growing as human trees
their souls trampled by Muslim society
their hopes gutter water drying in a ditch
living in extreme despair
eternal darkness
no power supply
wires to allah
but someone else
has the finger
on the switch