Sunday, December 16, 2007

Racism has not breached Flickr

Racism has not breached Flickr
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Racism has its octopus like tentacles
Spread far and wide..
From its wrath you can never hide
It will seek you out
Beat you down
Devour you
Day and night
The story of a wall
Bleeding with human blood
Black Brown and White
Yes it’s a powerful lobby
Powerfully funded
Power backed as Might
From Racism it’s ardent
Suicide bomber like adherents
No respite
If you are the victim
They make others
Believe you are
The aggressor
Hurting their rights
They the racists who have
Pervaded corrupted sabotaged
The best of poetry and photography
Skillfully concealed
Behind a façade of good faith
These poetic upstarts uptight
They hate any colored man
Reaching the top
A place preciously purely
Reserved for Whites