Sunday, September 23, 2007

Marc Steve Anthony Set My People Free

The Lord CyBrahma
Of google gradient seas
microsoft heavens
creator of man birds and bees
bellowed sonorously
Marc Steve Anthony
set my people free
let them go
the cybernetic
universe see ..
flicker their pouted asses
web shotted blasphemy
my space orkut
no better Camelot
like Buzzed off net
online sharing and caring
for its freedom of speech
and maturity ..
let them go to sulekha blogs
pedagogic pederasty
of blogging that
beyond the eye cant see
confused muslims
hindus in hijabs
running around
bollywood filmy trees

ok there are problems
black screen of death
buzznet will be back shortly
comments not happening
but is this the reason for running
that you leave behind
as an escapist idealogy
what will we tell our childrens children
and the cybernetic posterity

all blog sites are harrowing hell holes
buzznet is an island
braving the onslaught
of rough seas ..
wake up Marc Steve Anthony
don’t let this crème de la creme of Bloggers
ever flee
they are the hope the future
of you cybernetic destiny
unless you plan to sell
out your collective soul
to mr gates or msn or yahoo …I wont blame you
but still disagree
something’s like my tube can be sold
but something’s are priceless
like the bloggers that make
up the buzznet family tree

I wrote this poem in the morning much before I got Xris message on my buzz...

buzznet memories..