Friday, August 17, 2007

At The Mercy of You Telecom

My server went dead at about 4 pm and has just come back at about 11pm.
My server is You Telecom , I have written a few poems releasing my anger, but it does not help.Similarly I was upset about the stolen pictures by a guy called X on Flickr I wrote a post in anger, but as soon as I cooled down I edited the abusive word from my title.
This is upbringing and good human nature, I dont mind pictures being taken but a permission , or a courtesy line is important.
Pictures are the heart beats of photographers...
I take pictures from the net , but always see that I give a byline, most of my pictures are from Google Images.
So here I am .
I am happy the net was dead as I went through my vintage lot of CDS and discovered some rare gems..
I shall post them after this Killiwebs grandaughter has added to my inspiration as I hope to catch up with him in a few months...and become a proud grandfather too..Inshallah.
Funny thing my net was dead yet I could connect to Word Press and I dont write anything there but cross blog from here.