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The Ujjain Kumbh 2016,,..My Documentary on You Tube

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I was invited to the Ujjain Kumbh 2016 by my Naga Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj... and I documented the first Shahi Snan ..

I wanted to make it to the following Shahi Snans but much as I tried it was not possible ,,I had asked Advocate Ashish Shelar MLA to help me but he was busy and my fate too was not Ujwal... means Not Shining .

But I shot over 4500 images ,, I did not move very far from the tent where I lived with my Guru and his other disciples and heads of Juna Akhhara.

On the night of the Shai Snan my Guru was seriously unwell he asked me to lead his band so I took up the chant of Har Har Mahadev as we walked rapidly from Bhuki Mata Road to Shipra River ,, on the way my Guru collapsed and everyone in the group walked away to make it in time for the auspicious hour , I stayed back with my Guru ,, he knew I had come to shoot so he ordered me to leave him I refused and bought him to the Tani where all the Nagas had assembled for the puja before the dip.. I got my Guru some coffee and though he was shivering he felt better ,..

We now moved to the banks of the Shipra two of his disciples re joined us ,, My Guru took the Dip and he came out more refreshed and with a beatific smile ,, than he asked me to take the dip.. I did .

Now it was time to leave but I requested my Guru I would stay back now that his two disciples were there to take him back.

And as they left I met my French photographer friend Fo Paris Francois I joined him....but I moved ahead and was lucky to meet Swami Avdesh Anandji, he smiled and he knows I am a Muslim .. and so I shot his Shahi Snan and walked back taking a long detour to my camp.

Well I shot videos but now I am assimilating my Ujjain storyboard as a slideshow including the images that I had to restrict because of frontal nudity at Flickr ,, I am uploading this via the Window Movie Maker to my You Tube channel.

One thing I realized You Tube has a greater outreach than Flickr Facebook .. and I use Facebook by disabling it from public view .. I will never use Facebook publicly and I dont even like posting my storyboards at Facebook.

Luckily all these latest outings of mine are on my external hard drive so I can make a video.. my older images loads of them are on DVDS and I dont have a DVD player on my Dell..

And I worked on a lot of my image albums 30 days that I was swooning in loneliness on my wretched bed because of a serious toe injury ,, that is not willing to heal.

Of late I do shoot stills but my first preference is video.. either on my mobile phone or my camera ,,,

People are seeing my stuff ,,my playlist is Shiasm Hinduism , Hindu Feasts Kumbh Maha Kumbh Marriammen Feast Ganesha Durga festivals .Ear Cleaners Barbers Hijras ..Bandra Blogs, Tennis and the eponymous Swach Bharat Garbage Porn Bandra Bazar Road.

A few videos of my granddaughters ,, my set on Sufism Dargahs Rafaees my Dam Madar Malang Oder .. and I have also added my street photography of the cities I visited specially Lucknow.

I have not shot Bolywood ,,,being a part of it ,,, but I have a video of Mr Danny Denzongpa I will post it when his picture releases ..

So this is my Introduction to my Ujjain Kumbh videos..

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