Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Slow Death Of The Indian Railways Boot Polishwala

I may sound stupid crazy but I think getting your shoes polished by the Boot Polishwala is an insult to the man groveling at your feet , spiiting on your shoes to give it a shine , rubbing hard so that you look great.
I felt there was dignity in begging but not in the job they do , I shoot these guys with a formidable passion , cant the Railways not give them a vendors job,,, and keep automatic machines for polishing the shoes ..inhaling the polish is slow death I have shot young kids polishing shoes and all junkies , polishing shoes begging at Bandra Hill Road.
I mean we feel for horses pulling Victorias , we feel for dogs cats but never for humans degraded beyond redemption,,,What has the Hon Railways Minister to say to this ,, I mean these guys could be selling newspapers instead of polishing shoes lazy sons of you know what who cant polish their own shoes ,,