Saturday, July 25, 2015

He Is The Local Drunk Of Our Area

He is normally in a very shitty state , reeking of booze , bedraggled and he is our local drunkard , he sleeps on the roads and I meet him on my walks , he needs money only to drink at the local country joint at Bandra Bazar Road .

They should ban all country joints ,,because this s where death comes rolling on a chariot, it takes away the drunks who were the sole breadwinners too.

Well I am happy with the bans this government imposes , its their prerogative they have unanimously elected by the public,, which public you dont have to ask, the public that has brains , disappears to Alibagh Goa on voting day and than the blame game starts .

There are two more years before the civic elections they dont have time to check their names on the voters list ,, on the day of voting they will be screwing the brains of the election officer if their name is not on the list and they are debarred from voting .. they will hurl abuses at the fucked system.

Well the drunk thinks I am crazy for shooting his pictures I took his video too he answers in monosyllables , he promises me after I give him money that he wont drink, than the next day he trips on the bottle .. he eats nothing , I mean I have never seen him eating .

And I was surprised to see him neat and clean at the Bandra Slaughter House slums when I shot him , he looked sober and    very focused ,

I was in a hurry tired after my train trip from Grant Road and did not ask him about his change of fortune ..he has no family , I think he just wandered into my area like the other beggars , madmen that make up the muster of Bandra Bazar Road.