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Nazma 3 Year Old Muslim Beggar Bandra

Does she know me ..I have been shooting her pictures since  she was a tiny baby in her mothers lap, begging on the lane at Bandra Bazar close to where I stay ,, and she has grown into a young lady she has survived the vagaries of life as a street beggar.

Perhaps this is the only thing she knows , stretch her tiny hands and beg.. will she go to school , will she be able to play with a doll ,will she draw paint or learn ABC Ba Ba Black Sheep  I doubt very much..not even Alif Bey Pe Te

These are the children of the Lost tribe of Allah ,, Muslim beggars born in the wilderness of remorse and despair.. I was with my wife when I shot both mother and daughter , I asked my wife to give them money and told the lady we will give her some children s clothes  later.

I feel sorry for these beggar souls in search of elusive hope , some succor , some love not just a few coins given to them in oxymoron haste ,, rushing towards the mosque ,,

The hypocrisy among Muslims is highly sanctimonious ,, they give coins and expect a mansion in paradise ,, at least a one room kitchen with attached bath.. it amazes me and this morning I met a bunch of Madrsa kids in a park.. damaging the gym equipment and I wondered what Hafiz ji was really teaching them..I  asked the few Madrsa kids what would they like to be in the future they looked at me clueless ,, they thought I was more stupid than Hafizji who was teaching them Arabic..

I am blessed my parents though poor did not send me to a Madrsa ,,,and I am blessed that my parents were not myopic and finally made me what I am they made me feel pain humanly and poetically too ,

And I am blessed that my parent did not keep brainwashing me that I was only a Muslim .. they made sure I was a Hindu Christian Parsi Buddhist too along with my friends from those communities ,,and it was friends that shared their faith beliefs with me and made me what I am...not just a Muslim but a humanbeing too..

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Shah-e-Mardan Sher-e-Yazdan Quwat-e-Parwardigar Lafata Ila Ali La Saif Ila Zulfiqar

Shah-e-Mardan Sher-e-Yazdan Quwat-e-Parwardigar Lafata Ila Ali La Saif Ila Zulfiqar, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

kabhii diivaar hiltii hai, kabhii dar kaaNp jaataa hai
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Ek Shahenshah Ne Banake Yeh Haseen Tajmahal Ham Gareebon Ki Mohabbat Ka Udaya Hai Mazak.., a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. The Taj Mahal is a subject of many Urdu poems and film songs, and much to my surprise, they're not all complimentary.

This is the standard line, from a very beautiful song written by Shakeel Badayuni:

"Ek Shahanshaah Ne Banavaa Ke Hasi.N Taajamahal
Saarii Duniyaa Ko Muhabbat Kii Nishaanii Dii Hai"

(In having the beautiful Taj Mahal built, an emperor has given the whole world a token of love"

Here is Sahir Ludhianvi's take:

Ek shahanshah ne bana ke haseen Taj Mahal, hum garibon ki mohabbat ka hai udaya mazak’

"In building the beautiful Taj Mahal, an emperor has made a joke of the love of us poor ones..."

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HAZRAT SYED ALI MIRA DATAR'S GRANDFATHER(DADA SAAB) HAZRAT SYED ILLMUDDIN( R.A). SYED ILLMUDDIN CAME WITH HIS FATHER MOHHAMED DURAIN( R.A) FROM Bukhara, Uzbekistan to a village of Lukhnow (India). After demise of Ilmuddin's father he came to Ahmadabad of Gujrat where he met Kutbe Alam and that time the king of Ahmedabad was Ahmed Shah. Kutbe Alam was very much pleased on meeting Ilmuddin and he introduced him to King Ahmed Shah who letter recruitted him in his Army at post of Commander in Chief (sipesalar). Ilmuddin was a very pious man. He lead all his companion on the rightfull path of ALLAH the only One.
2) HAZRAT SYED ALI MIRA DATAR'S (R.A) FATHER(WALID SAAB) HAZRAT SYED DOST MOHAMMED( R.A). Dost Mohammed was very bold & brave man master of sword. King Ahmad Shah liked him very much as he also was a succcessfull warrior. He lived at KanpurWADI (AHMEDABAD) where a s…