Friday, December 19, 2014

Mama Why Are They Not Begging Like Us ,,,Are We Different

hands in their pockets
stony eyed they stare
but alms they wont give
for beggars they have
nothing to spare
mother child
conjoined pair ,,
the other side of
the royal minaret
the limping lion roars
ghar ghar islam
but for the poor
fuck they care
the untouchables
of Islamic Indian society
held captive in a lair
will they even give a
dime from their royal
share ..a falling house
of doomed humanity
they wont repair ..
allah ho akbar as
the royal minaret
blares ,, wear and tear
i d rather be an indian
than only a hindu or a
muslim the patriot swears
politicians want sectarian strife
to build their dynasties for
wealthy comfort for their heir

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