Monday, June 30, 2014

The Mosquito Killing Spray Gun

The gun was resting
after a heavy bout
killing mosquitoes
at Bandra Bazar Road
thanks to a rainless drought ..
a condition hot humid making
diseases sprout ,,the filthiest
dirtiest bazar potholes dugouts
roads with open gutters
totally washed out
our neglected area
comes alive during election
time candidates humble
hand folded begging for votes
without their political clout
once elected they forget
us ..within and without
proud ministerial
faces with a pout
the fish market has no fans
no ladies toilet you need
to check out . this time
too they will again see a rout
the junta does not forgive
missing corporators
their whereabouts
bandra buzz bandra times
silently watch as beloved
bandra gaothans get
burnt out east indian
heritage charm forever
lost out ,,old people
talk about the good old
days when there was no
traffic you could easily
walk about ,,now hawkers
with their dadagiri .bakdas
illegally jutting out ....
bandra dreams fade out
a pain that spreads as
word of mouth ...

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