Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two Street Photographers And Ma Durge

5 October 2010

Pictures are born in the cosmic mind of the camera burnt by the power of the third eye embedded in the human soul and its flowing steam like consciousness .

Let me tell in the first place I got a chair and made Marziya stand on it and shoot the Durga pandals and I assure you and also challenge you that you will never know the pictures I shot or she shot..

This is the start of our journey beginning with Noutanpali Sarbojanik Durgotsav Pandal Bandra from here we went to Ram Krishna Mission Santa Cruz and finally Rani Mukerjees North Bombay Sarbojanik Durgotsav Pandl at Juhu .

And Marziya shoots with ease confidence and maturity and only one month away from her third birthday.

Neither did she complain or grumble ..and this is my new set on Ma Durga at my Flickr photostream.