Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Me and My World

I thank all those who invite me to their Facebook pages ,.. personally I stay a million miles away from Facebook pages..

I am a serious blogger I ignore block all Game Invites ,,if someone keeps on sending me Game Invites after telling them not too I block the person too..

Above all I hate the dumb habit of clicking like ,, I think it is a habit as injurious as smoking .. and it is a way of making people zombies by the Mind Doctor Marc De Zuckurburg.

I hatepoke .

I dont like posting pictures at Facebook,, I dont like picture sharing..

But I am on Facebook.. to be connected with friends and to pimp my blogs....the daily views on my pictures at Flickr averages from 10000 to 25000..sometimes 45000 or even 85000 on a single day.. it could go up to dizzy heights if I made my hijra pictures public ..but I wont..

Read this a mini blog...thanks Good Morning ,,

Bad, bad panda!
Come on. We want photos.

We’re aware of the problem and are fixing it. Thanks for your patience.

why does flickr keep panda as pets....they are not happy held captive on the internet.....Bad, bad panda!
makes everyone bet my tweet to flickr

I hate groups and being groped and tagged ,,,