The Umbrella Lady of Bandra Reclamation - Is She Mad

She stays at Bandra Reclamation , her protection in life , was a single umbrella , from the vagaries of nature heavy showers and all, but once the shed belonging to a lady who sells tea became a pucca structure she got a shade cover over her head and did not need the eponymous umbrella anymore .

This is an earliest shot, now I never called her a beggar , because she does not beg,, I did not call her mad I was not sure .. but after documenting creative madness and poetic madness I think she fits the bill..she is as mad as I am or more.

She lives her life squatting , I have never seen her stand I have never heard her talk,, she is a landmark when you enter this lane where the head of Mumbai BJP Advocate Ashish Shelar stays .. so lot of bigwigs will pass this lane now , Mr Baba Siddiqui MLA also passes this lane once during elections , hands folded for another chance ..less said about the others .. but nobody has ever bothered to place a rose in her hand add a smile to her face ..

My grand daughters both give her money and are aware of her existence ..I showed them the real meaning of charity and the purpose of our street photography.. it should touch a chord with or without without words.

So for the time being I take a break from my poetic madness ,, come back to the living sane .. thank you for viewing this set as pictures poems blog ad metaphor..

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