Monday, December 31, 2012

Before I Leave For Work I Pay My Tribute To The Lord Of Garbage

And my ass is covered by garbage dumps at both ends where I stay , this is the smaller temple , while going to town or the highway ..

The larger one the tourist attraction next to the Bandra Bazar is the Larger Temple , now Nerjis my 17 month old grand daughter is honing her photographic skills learning to shoot it , Marziya my 5 year old grand daughter is an expert .. she is the only child who has shot hijras since she was 2 year old.

And your children will learn those skills that you teach them I have taught them photography, to see the world through a peep hole , we are all born voyeurs so God created photographers , but photographers turned greedy conceited so from the rib of the photographer God created humility and the blogger I dont know what came first Man or Garbage or God..