Friday, August 3, 2012

Malpua Chacha and Me Shot By My Wife

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My wife is a simple lady a housemaker though of late she has started dealing in Lucknowi chicken kurta sets , sets from Kokatta Jaipur and operates from home including bridal wear as my work shows no sign of improvement.

Earlier my wife was very confident and shoot my picture with guests mostly Flickr photographers who came to partake our hospitably but of late she is reticent and feels shy and avoids taking my camera in hand .

All this is due to the fact that Marziya has given all the amateur photographers in my house a very big complex , so now Marziya is the yardstick at home for good photography , and even I find my own prowess with the camera lacking and misplaced in front of Marziyas love for photography.

Yesterday I had taken her to the Ganesha workshops she painted a few idols and took pictures of the artisans sitting and working on the floor I lost count the number of pictures she shot..

The Chacha is the guy who makes Malpuas and he is the one who told me my pictures on the Internet have made him famous in his village.,