Friday, June 8, 2012

I Seek Justice For My Stolen Hijra Pictures From

235,621 items / 1,972,864 views

I have removed all my hijra pictures my hijra blogs my hijra poetry because of this lady called Nirma who is blatantly unafraid showcasing hijra pictures shot by me without my explicit permission , without a link back to my pictures , I warned her but she has blocked me so I cant send her further messages I request you to report Abuse and send her a message to remove my pictures .. till she does not remove my pictures I will not open my hijra sets to the public nor will I show the pictures of the hijras in Ajmer shot this year 2012.

Flickr Customer care and Yahoo Copyright have done nothing to protect my images a faulty spaceball tool that anyone can breach.. Flickr wants to go global it has to protect infringment of our copyright , this is what would make it trustworthy and Flickr no doubt is one of the best mangement sites in the world.
I have no personal issue I follow Flickr Rules Regulations I am a Pro member I seek justice from Flickr management

I have over 235000 images at my photostream I dont sell my pictures but I am a photo journalist showcasing culture rituals traditions of my country India..

I dont upload my original pictures anywhere but Flickr.. I am a Flickr pro member since 10 June 2007

And I am deeply hurt..

my hijra pictures stolen by nirma

i have aready informed the cyber cell she is misusing my pictures to solicit sex run a hijra prostitution den make boys into hijras

because this lady has stolen my hijra pictures you wont see my hijra pictures anymore at flickr .com