Fucked Word Verification At Blogspot

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And I hate the fucked word verification at Blogspot.com grow up.. you are million light years from Flickr even Facebook for that matter .,,,I mean your robotic pea brained techno dudes dont know a positive blogger from a fucked positive spammer ,,

I have 159808 photo blogs at Flickr where all my blogs originate and I cross blog here because Blogspot is my old web presence as a blogger...

i was peeing in public
on the soul of my blogs
when i took this shot
dickhead prolific blogger
i rot when i cross blog
from flickr to blogspot
considered a positive
spammer in the net
of deceit deception
delusion demoralized
i get caught
completely lost
my fucked barefeet
bitten by frost
at what cost
the techno dudes
at blogger
a million light
years from
facebook flickr
word press
a fucked useless
tool word verification
on my multi colored
over conceited pompous
pedagogic pedantic ass
embroidered embossed
flogged crisscrossed
my fucked fate through
google buzz google search
google instant star crossed
google wave after wave
i get tossed my blogs
cosmetic over glossed

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