Thursday, October 27, 2011

MV Pavit Is Super Hit

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wisdom for wisdom's sake
we have forgotten about it
with fishing folks
of mora village ruia park
mv pavit our latest guest
is a super hit scenic
seascape rocks dog shit
with open hands they
welcome it our hospitality
gives even people
like kasab a clean chit
we will finally acquit
the lady with a blind fold
is tired of the culprit
laden was killed by the
americans as they
did not have the money
to keep him in jail
like the Indians
now you git it
our politics
a democracy
full of poisonous
vipers in a snake pit
on the soul of law order
my final obit
a barefeet blogger
a turban big rings
in a crazy outfit
without a
bandra times
press card
to shoot
the dadar
bomb blast
they would
not permit
a barefeet blogger
shooting hijras
barbers shaving
smelly armpits
loony beggars
sane but half wit
to his fate