Friday, January 7, 2011

Shooting Hard To Get a High.. Dickensian World of a Photoblogger

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Evey morning at the same time same place begins his daily regimen, he is hooked , and there is no escape, and once he has taken his dose he works like a a mean machine carrying goods , hawking what not, once the nasha goes down he hits the sack sleeping for hours .

And there are many like him around , some are stone crazy , each morning when I come down with Marziya to buy the newspaper the mimic , drug addict drives me crazy, non stop shit and I dont shoot him anymore , he accused me of selling his pictures to foreign magazines..

He hassles all the ladies that come to the market but even the cops I am sure are happy not locking him up as he would drive them against the wall.

A little ahead the garbage dump are the boozards ,lost illusions doomed ,losers all lying sprawled , close to the country hooch joint..the most pathetic case is of a one legged beggar , they say he once belonged to an affluent if you see him you would puke .

This is the Dickensian surroundings where I live and I use my camera to write their stories , as I am not to good with words.. and pain is a tough subject to encompass in words..

Faces come they live for sometime and than fade away, disappear completely , the only person that is a landmark on Bandra Reclamation is the Umbrella lady who sits beneath an umbrella and sees life speed by , Marziya likes her and when we pass her way will urge me to give her a tenner that she takes from me and hands it over to her.

Marziya watches these denizens that populate my world and she knows as much as I know she will shoot them too.

Appu the limbless guy who is my friend , no hands no legs just a stump for a torso has also gone missing as I had thought of taking Marziya again and allowing her to shoot his pictures.

He is a close friend of Dr Glenn Losack MD from Manhattan New York too.

The doctor had met him on his last trip to Mumbai, and we are waiting he makes it for Chehlum Moharam,dont be surprised to see three street photographers shooting the leper lady Maria of Boran Road.