Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bengal Club Durga Puja Shivaji Park 2010

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This was the last pandal I shot last night , it was totally jam packed and I was finding it tough to make my way to the puja stage on the dais , I was about o make an exit when I spotted my good friend Anamika Chowdhary a volunteer of the Pandal and a Facebook friend too, she got me the necessary permission and I shot it to my satisfaction..

This is the 75 year Durga puja of the Bengal Club the only traditional bastion of the Bengalis of Mumbai.

I shot the Kali Mandir of the Bengal Club too and the Pujari was quite pleased to know that I was a Muslim who shot this event and the Kali Temple year after year promoting Hope and Hindutva as a message of Peace and Humanity.

The only sad part was the Ram Lila at Shivaji Park that I shot soon after the Bengal Club Durga has been canceled so I shall miss ,my dear friend Ravan and I dont have the time or inclination to go and shot this at Azad Maidan where Ravan will burn this evening.

And once again I wish all of you , the subscribers of this blog a very happy Dasshera and Peace and Prosperity to you and your loved ones.
I did not get an opportunity of shooting Abhijeets Lokhandwala Durga pandal this year.