Friday, September 24, 2010

Story of a Facebook Love Lost Cat

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the husband
was a horny
son of a bitch
after all
he ran away with
the neighbors
feline seductress
cute and small
all male cats
are born bastards
she meowed
on my facebook wall
may his balls
get crushed
may he break
his cat bones
she cursed him
once and for all
now a single mother
two children and all
once she too was
the most fascinating
feline beauty like a
doll statuesque and tall
all the stray tabbies
called her the queen
eaves teasing her
all in all
she did sleep
but gave it up
once and for all
settled down
in an east indian chawl
met this hunk of cat
drop down crotch and balls
got conned all in all
waiting for another
soul mate from
'New Orleans
the posey cat
her facebook friend
with a cute
American drawl