Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Cycle of Pain Continues

my pictures are poems written in blood
is what you read what you view
the cycle of pain we call ghame hussain
on the soul of our spirituality continues
tandav dance of death on the soul of shimr
giving the son of a devil his due
if hussain was a muslim
yazid shimr was a muslim too
with a blunted blade the soul
of islam he slew the bigot
will say no it was not them
it was some crazy jew
luckily at that time
among his killers
there was not a single hindu
but yet he created
the Hussain Brahmins
a mark on the neck
it is true
a wish
I want to Go To Hindustan
it was not possible
but from a tear god
created me and you
shias by default in lieu
we bleed we cry
black winding sheets
our bodies
with last drop
of the blood
our spirituality
a mission of peace
on earth
a fight against
yazidi terrorism
we pursue