Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dont Ask Me Why I Shoot What I Shoot

I am lying beneath his feet on my back a few inches away from the point and the stroke of his bleeding sword and weeping back.

dont ask me why I shoot what I shoot
a system computerized to re route
a system I dont neet to reboot
dont ask me why I shoot
what I shoot moments
from the flowing memories
of life I loot my efforts
may or may not bear fruit
funereal music of pain
gushing as blood
though a flute
falling from the heights
of hardcore street photography
do you really need a parachute
I reiterate I dont shoot
for the shias
my cosmic conscience
silent and mute
to all of humanity
white black yellow bronze
photo blogs as my tribute
my barefeet path
my pictorial pedestrian pursuit
ghame hussain yesterday
today tomorrow
no yazid will ever uproot
on the soul of humanity
a dimensional offshoot
no fear of a message
of peace no dispute
the mind is a computer
no yazidi virus will
ever pollute

Dedicated to Maulana Sayyed Ali Naqvi
Lecturer and ex principal of Hauza of Birmingham..
who is reciting Majlis in English at Bandra Shia Khoja Mosque
8.15 pm for 10 days dont miss it ..