Sunday, November 28, 2010

Even Children Would Love To Hurl Shoes At Politicians

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the children of
this great nation
cant take it anymore
the children are angry
disgusted and sore
as peace bites the dust
hits the floor every time
there is a scam it gets
worse more and more
the nation decimated
divided treated like a whore
raking black money at
the expense of the
people the only score
laid back attitude
as non state actors
enter stealthily
from the seashores
security asleep
daydreams and snores
hospitality to terrorists
with open doors
dead bodies
dead memories
26/11 we ignore
making martyrs
of brave men
as the politicians
safe and sound
sleep indoors
pass the buck
on the soul
of humanity
blood and gore
god give us
good leaders '
the kids implore
as they too
hurl shoes
at a system
we all deplore