Thursday, July 29, 2010

You Dont Shoot A Poem With A Camera Or Do You

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Invariably when you buy a camera you shoot pictures , you capture memories moments you stamp on the soul of your photo album.

And most of the photographers truly believe a high end camera shoots high end pictures.

I never was a photographer or remotely connected with poetry..I rarely wrote the blog changed all that kilos of words recycled as pain of the poetry of my life.

When I shot this lady sitting waiting for a bus to take her home , it looked a very simple cut out of a picture there was no poem or anesthetics at play..

I shot her with my camera obviously but a part of my unconscious mind had poetized her much in advance and I tweaked her soul robbing her dry of color..

And now I shall again add the color of words , I have tiill now not decided what I will write I never do it happens in my minds auto mode..

its getting dark
the lights are
getting dimmer
but truth
like a spectral light
lights her way
her past
keeps catching up
with her day by day
the man she loved
passed away
her strength
her faith
he held
as he held
her hand
now a memory
washed away
she reminisces
the laughter
the joy
of her wedding day
his pan stained
his sehra
the twinkle
in his eyes
time of day
from the drooping
of curiosity
she imagined
it today
the lucknow
wintry nights
the charpoy
his playfulness
with her weight
gave away
the raucous laughter
the doors
tears like
uneaten food
on the tray

her pain
in a picture
a poet captured
it in a bouquet
without poetry
what is photography
might sound cliche
reading a picture
as a poem
makes a photographer
a poet
in a magic way