Friday, March 26, 2010

Shabbir of Bhendi Bazar

The gemstone dealers of Bhendi Bazar with their boxes , on the road selling gems might seem ordinary , but they have clients that come in fancy cars to buy their stuff..

They have everything and this stall is mere facade , they have rare stones including neelam kerbas etc..

I bought my first kerba amber here I have some good ones , I got some good beads from Shabbir , his father Mohomed bhai wore chunky rings like I wear..

This is a strange place I spent a lot of time here after I came out from Chor Bazar on Fridays after wandering the streets shooting stuff and buying it too.. if one place and the junk I bought home upset my wife it was always Chor Bazar.

The only person in Bollywood who understands and loves junk jewelery , and the only person with taste and culture and mijaz for , exotic chunky gemstones , antique silver jewelry is Ms Dimple Kapadia.

Ms Dimple Kapadia is a fan of what I wear and is the only person who knows the truth worth of my passion for my stuff specially hand crafted for me by Azad Hussain my silver smith.

Ms Dimple Kapadias silver jewelery collection that she allowed me to see is out of this world..I was very close to her sister late Simple Kapadia..we were working together on a project before she left for her heavenly abode far too prematurely.