Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"per kya wo janti hai ke tum usase beinteha pyar karte ho?"

she was born blind and deaf i fell in love with the darkness that follows her wherever she goes a poem of her life ..the silence the serenity of her soul already mortgaged to another man..he is blind and deaf too...

eloquence of silence
greater than the
footsteps of her speech
she has shut herself
she is a specter
beyond my poems reach
i have deleted her from my
consciousness the iron
rods of my prison cell
she loves to breach
she belongs to another man
yet i call her on bent knees
with hope i beseech
a silence and a screech

lab pe ati hai bat kehte
hue ghabrata hoon
woh kisi aur ko chahti hai
main use bhool
nahi pata hoon
yeh bat sach hai
main use beintiha chahta hoon