Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Bare Feet

I am a diabetic , and I arrived in Hyderabad barefeet , I shot here for three days , most of the time I was on my feet for long hours , I slept only in the night for two hours and I shot over 3500 pictures.

My legs were cut bruised and the only remedy was a band aid and some ointment that Qayam gave me to apply.. and it was in this condition I shot the bloody gruesome scenes of Bargah and Bibi Ka Alam..

There were times I could not move , and I kept pushing myself..the other aspect of my shoot is that I did not cary my insulin or my medication at all ... my medication was Ghame Hussain and nothing else.

I collapsed at Iqbals house while shooting the Alams being put to rest and soon after this I shot the events at Mir Mousavi cemetery Deira..