Tuesday, September 1, 2009

From Marziya With Love

nabila4art Nabila Khanam

Re: sallam

That is very kind of you, my Dearest flickr-friend!
I have been thinking of you everyday as I have not posted any pictures since quite some time, (although have several)...also my little granddaughter reminds me of you and your grandaughter each day too... as she is with me all day while her parents go to work...So please know that you both are always in my thoughts.

However, my biggest drawback is just procrastination...but with your testimonial (don't know if I really deserve such wonderful words from you!) you have inspired me to upload pages of a book I made of Niah's first year in pictures...this will be specially dedicated to you and your granddaughter dear Marziya.

Thank you for Ramzan greetings...I had planned on shooting the new moon of Ramzan 2009 to make my greetings, but clouds over it did not let me...Please accept Ramzan Mubarak from me to you and your family.

Once again thank you for your testimonial (to awaken me...!)
It feels good talking to you.



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