Friday, July 31, 2009

Friar Tuck One Up On You

hey mate
i am one up on you
buzznet blues
that came to flickr
but not as a refugee refuse
i had to choose
to be close to the
woolongong mafia
as we cruise
through pictures poems
karma dharma as we fuse
comments favorites
some hits and views
no curry bashing
we are human first
of differentiating hues
living together
nothing else to lose

This is my tribute to my three Woolongong friends I have known for 5 years , hate never touched us ever , because of these three musketeers I found a lot of peace love and harmony..they have always been there when I was down.. I wish them well..
I did fight with Friar once we patched up.. it was a poets quarrel.. he is a better poet than me and a better photographer too/..