Monday, January 14, 2008

Marziya Goes to Majlis

Marziya Goes to Majlis
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The Shia child has one advantage over other kids , the Shia child absorbs Moharam the moment she is born, Marziyas mother , my sons wife and whom I call Bitya or Daughter, takes Marziya in the afternoon and also in the night to the ladies Majlis .
I asked her casually does Marziya cry, she my sons wife replied proudly she cries during the Massaib, the Masssaib is the sad part of the Majlis when the Maulana or the Lady Zakirah recite the tragedy of Karbala..this is expounded in such a way that the mourners of Imam Hussain cry and relive the tragic moments of the beloved grand son of the Holy Prophet.
The Shia girl child is comfortable with the Hijab as she begins wearing from the very early days , and most of the time at school she wears a head scarf.
Its not just radical religiosity but a seamless attitude to our lifes tenets and ancestral customs.
I am proud of my grand daughter - she walks tall though she is only a month and 20 days old.