Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lopohara Victor Vikram and Firoze

Lopohara Victor Vikram and Firoze
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Lopohara Victor Vikram and Firoze
Don’t make any one of us your enemy
Or you will have a poetically broken nose
You let us live we wont step on your toes
You provoke us well what we will do
As yet we won’t disclose
Racism we take up the challenge
Up close
Sweet silent repose
What goes up most come down
Oh we love her raised eyebrows
Chim Chim Chum Chum Chom Chom
In our garden the best of India grows
through our heart and souls it shows
Mr Subbaraman dont you worry
That we are Indians an aggressive thorn
wthin the peaceful petals of a rose

Love poetry Hate racism