Friday, October 19, 2007

The Hijda Will Rule The World

The Hijda Will Rule The World
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The older lot of Laksmi the Beggar Hijda are not to be seen at the Turner Road Traffic Signal,also the Tunrner Road Traffic Signal kids have disappeared, this kids I think must have gone towards the Durga Pandals as there is more money there than at the signals.
This Hijda was very coy I took her permission before taking a few shots, and at the back of me is running vehicular traffic.
The Hijdas are here begging at the signal, when the traffic halts, peeping into rickshas, knocking window screens,pleading for alms.
Most of the Hijdas that I have met at various traffic signals in Mumbai are friendly, polite, shy, well behaved.And for them its a change posing for pictures, a feeling of a three second fame..Most of the Hijdas seem to know me, than there is the imposter variety that wears sarees and begs, these are unemployed youth that behave like Hijdas and encroach on their ethnicity and their territory.
They are mostly drunk, like the ones I shot at Carter Road recently,they avoid having their pictures taken as I wont be surprised if they are into petty crime.
Each set of Hijdas have their lines of demarcation, by a higher Hijda authority, aided by Gurus and Naiks.
The train beggars work in groups, this is a tough violent lot, the Hijdas who beg outside at the stations, the Hijdas who patrol lovers points, embarassing lovers with their girlfriends if they are not suitably paid, this variet is found at Bandstand Bandra..they are mean and tough..than the traffic signal hijdas..
The other variety is the prostitute Hijdas they are mostly found near the notorious Mumbai Cages, they walk the streets, and for about Rs 50 or say Rs 100 they will take you into a building which has Hijda rooms or brothels..
Here they will take you in a dinghy , sweat smelling urine smelling room, and start work on you, they charge extra for the condom..They take your money first,...
Just neneath these building directly opposte the Cages or Peela House or Falkland Road as this area is called are the Hijda Call girls these are very pretty , stunning , and are for the highest bidder, they charge perhaps about Rs 500 for a shot, or a short time.Full night where you pay the hotel charges , dinner drinks for the hijda can set you back by Rs 3000 to rS 5000.
Than as you walk from the Cages to Kamatipura you come to the most famous Hijda address hIjda Gully No1, here the hIjda Guru is Zeenath, I have shot her recently and you can see my hijdagallery at
The entire building is Hijda residence, crampy rooms, and young pre pubescant hijdas in training.I was told threateningly not to shoot them, the bathrooms or toilets are in the passgae with the hijdas bathing together
Outside the Hijdas move about in the Hijda Gully, some have their good looking toy boys.
Than late in the evenings the richest variety Hijda the Mujra ueens move out to private parties , functions, the closing of the Ladies Dance bars hit them badly.
The Mujra Queens are the most gorgeous , very pretty and are keeps of the local Mafia dons even the security authorities are lovers of this breed of polished Hijdas.. the Mujra Queens.
They are called at Births known as Badhais, .paid a fortune, hen parties and wedding receptions and they perform with gusto.Rich people prefer them to Tawaifs or Dancing Lady Prostitutes.
Actually the Hijda Mujra Queen is perfect you will never know she is a trans gender unless you are informed of this.
There is so much to Hijdas I dont know where to begin where to stop.I am lucky that most of the inputs have been given to me by close Hijda friends.
That they chose to be Hijdas is their sexuality choice, they are feminine with all womanly feelings except the genitalia, that too is possiblw if one has ample funds.
The homosexual and the Hijda are two different entities..
The Hijda is a homo but he has his cultural transgender ethnicity.. his Gods Goddesses.. his ritualism , his esoteric upbringing..
The Hijda inner working is closely guarded secret..
Once a Hijda always a Hijda .There is no going back.
The Hijda community is in the throes of change with the rise of the Metrosexual Hijdas, the Hijda has expanded his vision , he flies to Amsterdam, to Toronto gives lectures at Aids sponsored World Health Organization events..
The Hijdas are into politics, patrons of Art,they are well connected.
They are entrepreneurs, poets, writers, and parents too having adopted eunuch born children.
I know Hijdas happily married to normal men and no divorce no alimony no lawyers fees..
Hijda children are taught at home by the best tutors, dance music the works..
This is what I have gathered from my Hijda friends..
This Hijda community one day will be a force in the coming years, disgusted with man and woman.. the human community will seek Moksha from the Eunuchs..
Mark my apocryphal words on your scarred souls..