Friday, October 19, 2007

White Supremacist Racist Whores and Posturing Poets

White Supremacist Racist Whores and Posturing Poets
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Member: Val Morehouse

Comment: I just looked at your biography firoze. It sez 'Racist in poetry is white.' Now without the rest of the statement [since this is either a beginning or an ending] the thoughtful one cannot know what you really mean. But, the thoughtful one can state an idea from one's own experience. Racism is not white; it is every color the human skin can assume. Poetry is not white; it is every color the human skin came assume. Racism is instead, the person who in the first 5 minutes of acquaintance tells you whom they hate. And that comes in EVERY color. Then firoze, is that you? I don't see it on your face, and the face is a mirror. The thoughtful one sees, leave the hate on the back burner and seek the essence in the poetry. Posturing is not poetry: there's been a lot of that going on lately on PH. We should leave that dreck to the politicians, while we seek to write poems about the bad and the good, not just all one or all the other. Poems don't have skin colors. Poems should have human truth, which is blood red. Only blood red.

I appreciate your comment on my poem, what you write stands the time of test provided you are not black or brown.
I have seen so much of hate here at PH as a colored man, and this from people who pose as the Top 500 Poets, people who hate your guts, spill your guts publically, I don’t go read a persons poetry and bash him up because of his style or because of what he has written, he writes in the idiom of his experience, his metaphors his similes..
I read him move on, I don’t impose my views, I don’t tell him he writes shit, he is a member here and in the end he is saying his thing, his freedom of expression in mind.You cant expect to write like Yoonus, or Carsewell or Ian Bowen or Aldo or Fred Gold.. This is an ocean of poetry big fish small fish all moving freely..stating beautiful thoughts poetically.
Here at Poem hunter Big Fish want to eat small fish, white fish want to devour black fish.
I have seen this for last two years.
I have met some great poets here at Poem hunter and shall remain indebted to them for life..
I try to stay away from trouble but trouble does not stay away from me..I hit when I am provoked and it can be God I shall defend my Honor against hate remarks or vitriolic comments, I was given a thrashing by Tai Chi Italy because Bowen is her friend, well she can thrash her kids for all I care I owe her nothing.. I would have given it back to her but I share some moments so I kept my silence.
Bowen is the worst monster of a man and a hypocrite like Carsewll all playing God here at Poem Hunter general ward
And Jim Hogg the racist playing God at the Poem Hunter Forum along with the children of Hate..his coterie..
These are my views..
Blood you don’t know the power of Blood I cut myself every Moharam and know it and feel it too..I shoot I see it on the Viewfinder of my Soul..

Firoze Shakir

White at poem hunter is the color of hate
Yes a few White Racist poets
the sentinels the guardsmen
At the Poem Hunter Racist Palace
Standing at its Gate
To clobber a brown poets head
They unashamedly wait
Yes they are more erudite
Bought up on cornflakes of English
He merely third rate
How dare he write in their language
Says Bowen the White Ape
Of this Indian rhesus primate
Tai Chi Italy his confidante
English mate is hurt because this posturing
Pimp of a poet I berate
We all prostitute our poems
That other lesser prostitute’s rate
Yes comments sown as poisonous
Seeds of Hate calumniate
Friends who change color
Become foes an ongoing tirade
With racist remarks they bait
Indians Dogs rights of Admission reserved
You are left to your fate
Children of a Lesser God..
Thank you Val Morehouse
You at least had the decency to
Dialogue and Debate

firoze shakir photographerno1