Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Who cares a flying fuck for your Sunday Mornings?

Who cares a flying fuck for your Sunday Mornings?
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You are a racist no doubt about it
It’s the underdog the downtrodden
That you like too hit
Especially if he is an Indian
Writing in your language
How you hate it
You and your arrogance
You slimy British Wit
You Two Penny Twit
On your grave
In the poem hunter forum
When you die
I will piddle I will spit
Worms devouring you
A hog eating your flesh
Don’t forget to take your
Tooth brush and change of undies
And your travel kit
On the other side
Of midnight
When you do make it
A racist poets Hell
Where your kind
Need no work permit
Along with you
You and your
Licking your ass
Every bit
You mother fucking
Son of a sea cook
All be it
Now take it easy
Don’t throw a fit
For your company
An Aussie Racist poet
On the face of it
1000 poems he will complete
This motherless wit
Who many a colored folks
Throat had slit
You and he tightly knit
Drilling each others ass
You said it..
Isn’t it