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Guru Purnima Humble Tribute To My Naga Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj Juna Akhara 13 Madi

Gurur-Brahmaa Gurur-Vissnnur-Gururdevo Maheshvarah |
Gurure[-I]va Param Brahma Tasmai Shrii-Gurave Namah ||1||
1.1: The Guru is Brahma, the Guru is Vishnu, the Guru Deva is Maheswara (Shiva),
1.2: The Guru is Verily the Para-Brahman (Supreme Brahman); Salutations to that Guru.
There are bigots in all communities and many Sadhus question my Guru on his choice of a Muslim... and my Guru shuts them off ,,
he is not just a Muslim but a good human being..
And we met accidentally at the Nasik Kumbh 2003 ,, thanks to him I was able to shoot the Maha Kumbh 2013 Allahabad ,, Nasik Kumbh 2015 and the Ujjain Kumbh 2016,
He introduced me to the Sabapati , ,,the few Maha Mandleshwars Sri Kalyan Giri and Swami Avdesh Anandji ,,,and I was lucky to document the Naga Sadus their rituals lifestyle ,
He has visited my house and loves Nerjis ,, who would chat with him and shoot him too ..
Our cosmic bond is 13 year old he was a school teacher ,,before he became a Naga and a scholar of Islamic scriptures .
I met a lot of Nagas who were seeped in the Sufi culture having friends among Malangs and Qalandaris and the greatest respect for Imam Ali..quoting from the Najahul Balagha.
As a photographer I was lucky that my Naga Guru encouraged me to shoot freely....and more than words I proved my loyalty to this wise teacher by taking care of him when he fell sick at the Shahi Snan .. the others all moved away for the dip I held on to him ,,, he was in very bad shape he said go shoot pictures ,, I ignored his plea and bought him in time for the holy dip on the banks of the Shipra .. and after he took his dip I took a dip too.. with the Naga Sadhus .
If you have a good guru... why should you search for other Gurus .
But in every community ethnicity I did meet other Gurus too..among the Sufis Christians Tantrics and Aghoris ,,
And the iconic Guru of all good things Guru Laxmi Narayan Tripathi a bond of over 25 years... the head of the Kinnar Akhara .
And I follow the Greatest Guru of All and Peak Of Eloquence Imam Ali ...
Man kunto maula,
Fa Ali-un maula
Man kunto maula
"Whoever accepts me as a master,
Ali is his master too."

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