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Seva Mandals Lord GSB .. The Lord Of All Good Things

posted at Facebook

To my very dear cherished friends from the erstwhile GSB community a community well known for its social service and its contribution to human society beyond color caste or creed ,,
In some time I will be presenting you a small gift of my humility for the love you have shown me year after year at the GSB Lord Ganesha festival.
From Dr Pai the good doctor who introduced me to Lord GSB his family to my dear departed friend Mr Dinesh Pai his thought even now brings tears to my eyes he loved me immensely and I am crying now ,, I only hope and pray this love between a Hindu and a Muslim could reach the hearts of people in Dadri and Muzzafarnagar life would be worth living ,,
As a Muslim I dont carry my religion as a badge on my chest ,, my religion of peace brotherhood tolerance lies deep inside and bequeathed to me by my Shia mother ,,,I am my mother ,, and that is why I shoot my cultural inheritance God gave me a camera eye ,, I use it for promoting Hindu Muslim amity in trying times ,, and Media will never mention this boundless love ,, they only show sparks.
I have spent 16 days in bed ,, but I used this time of restlessness to good work.. I went through my archives of my old images that I shoot as a story board at Flickr .. I compiled them as slide shows at my You Tube Channel.
So I bought out my old memories of the various Kumbhs my Sufi order Dam Madar Malangs .
And in sometime I will be posting the entire story board of my tryst with Lord GSB 2015 at You Tube ,,automatically linked to Facebook and Twitter .
Those early years I was not adept at video shooting I was a puritanical film photographer I shot only slides and BW than with the advent of the digital I became a blogger .. but since last year I shoot more videos I have no knowledge of editing but I am learning trial and error .
My You Tube channel thanks to all your love is inching towards 17 million views ,,do subscribe to it ,, it is nothing but the beauty and diversity of India and my love for all ethnicity beggars hijras and others.
And there is an overwhelming sadness too both my grandchildren Marziya and Nerjis with their mother will be relocating to Lucknow ,, this has hit me the hardest ,, but than I cant change the workings of Fate ,, I hope for the best and will see them during their annual holidays ,,
I am a Hindu I am a Muslim and I am a Christian should be read deeper than the metaphor ,, but I am you ,,I am lucky to have all of you as friends .
And I type with one finger of a damaged hand so I have only a few on my feed and it was because of this I pruned my friends list from 3000 to 1900 ,, so I dont add anymore friends unless they love photography and are like minded ,,
Dont add me because of my religion or lack of it ,,
My thoughts flow seamlessly fluidly at Facebook.. but I am not a blogger anymore I tell stories ,,metamorphosing the soul of my images , I could never write this holding auto correct in check all the time without a image ,, now I wish to tell stories with moving pictures it should move you as much as it moves me when I shot it ,, cosmically and poetically ,,
Jai Shree Omkhara

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